Monday, November 15, 2010

Tzilia Sacharow Remembers Shlomo

What a delicious treat it was to have Tzilia Sacharow with us this past Sunday Night (LIVE with Steve and Lorelai) to talk about Reb Shlomo - like almost nobody else can, as Tzilia goes back to the age of 3 with him! Tzilia's childhood memories of Shlomo Carlebach as a young man, a young rabbi, a non-stop personality and a dear family friend (who composed some of his most famous niggunim in the living room of her parents home) are completely unique, beautiful and totally worth listening to!
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Part One of our Interview with Tzilia.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Part Two of our Interview with Tzilia.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moshe Newman Remembers Reb Shlomo

Moshe Newman - our "Spiritual Chiropractor" right here in Jerusalem - actually performed chiropractic on Reb Shlomo - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AND DOWNLOAD  Moshe's memories of Reb Shlomo and the poignant truth emerges - "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone."

Avraham Moscowitz and David Steinberg Remember Reb Shlomo

Avraham Moscowitz was kind enough to give us a few words about Reb Shlomo when we stuck a microphone in his face (which isn't easy to do because he's pretty tall!) outside of Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo on Reb Shlomo's yartzeit. David Steinberg, who played with Reb Shlomo for many years, also joins Avraham during this short but lively interview in honor of Reb Shlomo. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD!

Zusha Flower Frumin Remembers Reb Shlomo

We caught up with Zusha Flower Frumin on Reb Shlomo's Yartzeit and recorded a few great minutes of Zusha remembering his adventures with Reb Shlomo. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN to Zusha's Shlomo Stories!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shlomo Katz Live In-Studio with Steve and Lorelai

We had Shlomo Katz all to ourselves this afternoon and you can listen to our outstanding gevaldik interview during which Shlomo reveals the future of the Carlebach Legacy and more (and so much more)! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN TO SHLOMO KATZ on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Shlomo Katz at Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo

 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or listen to Shlomo Katz's class this morning at Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo l'kavod the 16th Yartzeit of Reb Shlomo. The singing was the highest, the Torah was the deepest, and it gets even better than that...

L'kavod Reb Shlomo - Shlomo Katz LIVE!!!

Shlomo Katz - the "Cohen Gadol" of Jewish Music - is LIVE NOW from Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo - we're broadcasting live now and that's not all - Shlomo Katz will be in-studio with Steve and Lorelai at 2pm this afternoon - Shlomo Katz!!! Gevaldt!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 9 Weeks of Shlomo - Week One - Shlomo's 16th Yartzeit (16 Cheshvan 5771) - Special Guest Betzalel Philip Edwards

Radio Free Nachlaot -well, either we don't know when to quit OR we just have an overabundance of great ideas.

We always say about RFN that we're "where Shlomo meets Jerry," and remembering the wildly successful The 9 Days of Jerry we did August 1st - 9th celebrating the life and music of Jerry Garcia, we could do no less for Reb Shlomo, could we?

It was great to check the dates of his yartzeit (16 Cheshvan) and his Hebrew birthday (18 Teves) and - counting with baited breath - discover that YES, there is exactly 9 Weeks between the two! How could we NOT do a 9 Weeks of Shlomo tribute???

We kicked it off Moetzi Shabbos, 16 Cheshvan (October 23rd) with a live in-studio visit from Rav Betzalel Philip Edwards, who not only knew Shlomo during the last 5 years of Shlomo's life (1990 - 1995) but played in Shlomo's band and even made Aliyah to Israel on the same plane that Shlomo was on (really!).

The archived recording of our interview (in two parts) is available from our DOWNLOAD page OR you can CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE and then when you're ready, CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO.

We're going to be building this site piece by piece over the next 9 weeks - accumulating pictures, recordings and stories from friends who KNEW Shlomo in real life - it'll be a special place, we invite you to visit again and again - and LISTEN to Radio Free Nachlaot - we're internet radio live 24/6 from Nachlaot, Jerusalem's coolest (and funkiest!) neighborhood - we ARE "where Shlomo meets Jerry," and we hope you're as excited about meeting Shlomo right here as we are!