Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gevaldt! Watch the Aliyah to Reb Shlomo's Kever l'kavod his 17th Yartzeit!

Gevaldt, it was the highest! Watch the recording of the Aliyah to Reb Shlomo's kever which took place on Sunday, November 13th (16 Cheshvan), which was his 17th Yartzeit. Thanks to BE THERE ISRAEL the live videocasting experts for broadcasting this special event!

The Aliyah to the Kever was the kick-off to Radio Free Nachlaot's 2nd Annual "9 Weeks of Shlomo." Stay tuned for more information on other special programming we'll be presenting on Radio Free Nachlaot l'kavod Reb Shlomo during the 9 weeks between his yartzeit on 16 Cheshvan and his birthday on 18 Teves.

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